Kareena Kapoor attends dietitian Rujuta Diwekar book launch and looks hot as ever

Celebrity dietician, Rujuta Diwekar shares diet secret for women planning pregnancy in her newly launched book - Pregnancy Notes. And you just can't unsee Kareena Kapoor here

Rujuta Diwekar became the talk of the town when she helped Kareena Kapoor attain size-zero and is now a renowned celebrity dietician. She recently launched her book called Pregnancy Notes and needless to say it was unveiled by none other than Kareena Kapoor. The event was held on July 15 in Mumbai. The book launch witnessed a huge turnout and the event was very successful. In her book, Rujuta shares the diet plan secrets for any woman who is planning her pregnancy. It tells everything a woman needs to know about her diet before, during and after her pregnancy.

The fashion police were very impressed by Kareena Kapoor’s choice of outfit for the event. She stunned everyone with her unique sense of styling and her fabulous outfit made a bold statement. She was styled by Tanya Ghavri in a top from Missoni and a matching skirt from House of Pixel. She completed her look with YSL heels and tassel earrings by Minerali. At the event, Kareena talked about pregnancy, motherhood, Taimur and much more.

Kareena Kapoor makes a fashion faux pas at a book launch

Kareena Kapoor at a book launch

Kareena Kapoor recently became a mother herself and she swears by her dietician, Rujuta Diwekar. She has been with her for five years now. During her pregnancy, Bebo gained about 18kgs, thanks to the ghee loaded food and paranthas she ate. It was a special phase in her life and her dietician made sure that she did not compromise when it comes to food. She ate it all, flaunted her weight and more than anything else she looked healthy.  Now post her pregnancy, Kareena Kapoor looks a few kilos lighter but unlike other celebs, she is doing it the conventional way- taking a few steps at a time. According to Diwekar, crash diet helps to lose weight quickly but taking it slow is a much healthier optional.

Rujuta Diwekar has written several books and also has a blog where she shares tricks and tips to maintain a healthy body. Kareena and Rujuta make a great team and they often come together for live sessions to bust health myths. What inspired Diwekar to write this book was pregnancy of some of her clients including Kareena Kapoor. During pregnancy, there are a lot of health precautions that a woman needs to take. The best part of the book is that it does preach giving up ghee, oil, rice, etc. She herself believes in simple and healthy diet and does not suggest meal plans that are not already included in eating habits of Indian families.


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