Happy Birthday Salman Khan! 51 years and Bhaijaan is still in his best shape! [WATCH]

Salman Khan is one of the fittest actors in the Bollywood industry. As he turns 51, the actress is leaving no stone unturned to maintain his physique

When Salman Khan introduced the concept of six pack abs in Jab Pyaar Kisi Se Hota Hai, people went crazy! Girls drooled over his body and young boys rushed to the gyms to get the same chiselled physique. Years later, I remember talking to one of my cousins based in Dubai who is a fitness freak, about his workout and he had something interesting to share.

He told me that all he could see in his gym were Salman Khan’s posters! Young boys come to the gym, dreaming of flaunting the same chiselled body. They talk to trainers for long hours, trying to convince them about the same. It was then that I could sense that the fitness level of Salman Khan has taken the world by storm. Not just in India, but globally too, his fans make sure to assimilate their workout in the same manner.


As the actor turns 51, his fitness game is undoubtedly altogether at a different level. We watched him in Sultan and people raised hue and cry over the fact that posters of the film were heavily photoshopped. However, soon people were awestruck to see Salman on the big screen. There he was, flaunting his ‘near to perfect’ sculpted body with no well-defined abs and we could get that very well.


From Maine Pyaar Kiya, Wanted, Dabangg to Sultan – the list is endless and so is Salman Khan’s charisma! There is a big reason why he is still one of the most bankable actors in the Bollywood industry. His workout routine is a perfect motivation for the people out there. It would only be fair to say that he is a fitness freak who ensures that he remains at the top of his fitness game.

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At a recently concluded BodyPower Expo 2016, Salman Khan spoke about his fitness secret. He said that discipline is the most important thing. You need to have a strong mind to get that healthy body you desire.

Bhaijaan ka workout


Sallu Bhai ensures to workout two to three hours on a daily basis. Despite his hectic schedule, he never misses his workout. If required, he hits the gym even late at night for that matter. Salman heavily focuses on weight training for three days a week and the remaining three days he hits the treadmill for cardio. Interestingly, the actor can do 1000 push ups, 500 crunches and nearly 2000 sit ups.

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The actor starts his daily workout routine with a few warm up exercises. He normally does squats and push ups to get his body in the rhythm. To add on, he performs jumping jacks to increase his agility and flexibility. Salman then starts his workout routine and performs the bench press exercise for his chests and bend exercises for his biceps.


For his back, the actor performs some heavy deadlifts. On top of that, he ensures to work on his triceps and forearms. For the cardio part, Salman Bhai loves cycling and if that cannot happen, he makes sure to run on a treadmill for nearly fifteen minutes.

It is a well-known fact that Salman Khan has reached such a stage that he needs to work out excessively for only ten days to get six pack abs! Normally it takes months to get that shape! For abs, he puts emphasis on crunches, back extensions, reverse crunches and side planks.

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Bhaijaan ka khaana

For the actor, food intake is a very important aspect that one needs to keep in mind while working out. For breakfast, he relies on low-fat milk and four egg whites. He feasts on grilled vegetables and five chapattis in lunch and his dinner includes fish, chicken and soup. In the middle of this, if he gets a craving for snacks, he ensures to eat oats or a protein bar to meet the tummy’s need.

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