Celebrity diets that will motivate you to opt for a healthier lifestyle 

From what they wear to what they eat! We are keen to know about maintain their gorgeous skin, healthy hair, their gym movements. And of course celebrity diets.

From following them on Instagram to listening to their interviews carefully, we are fascinated with celebrities and their lifestyle. We want to know everything, be that about movies or personal life. What they wear, what they eat, how they walk, their dance moves, their charity acts and of course their routine, a fan tries to know each and everything. We love stalking them to know where we can get that trench coat Priyanka was wearing at Met Gala or tribal skirt which Shraddha wore at Nach Baliye promotion. We are keen to know about their ways to maintain gorgeous skin, healthy hair, their gym movements, and diet. Well, we can tell you everything but for starters check out a daily diet of these celebrities. We hope you get motivated.

Priyanka Chopra: Whether she is Ayesha Sangha Mehra in Dil Dhadakne Do or Alex Parrish in Quantico, in every role Priyanka gives us major fitness goals. Now getting such a fit body is not at all a cake walk. Along with her gym routine, she follows a usual diet of eating something every two hours. PeeCee starts her day with two egg whites, or oatmeal and a glass of skimmed milk. According to Cosmo India, for lunch, she eats dal, vegetables, and two rotis along with some salad. She takes sprout salad, sandwich and coconut water and some nuts for snacks, while her dinner comprises soup, fish or grilled chicken and vegetables. Though she avoids fried foods, being a foodie she allows herself some desserts on weekend.

Katrina Kaif: Though we have always seen her talking about fitness, Katrina Kaif’s loves kheer. While talking on Koffee With Karan, even her friends spoke about her habit of gyming and keeping fitness in mind. Just like us, even Katrina has some unstoppable cravings. She loves cinnamon rolls as spoke by her in an interview with Indian Express. She changes her diet quite frequently. While following a macrobiotic diet, she takes egg whites, oatmeal, or cereal for breakfast. Grilled chicken, salad, and other steamed vegetables for lunch, soup or salad for dinner.

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Alia Bhatt: We all know about Alia’s weight and drastic transformation. But losing weight is not enough, one also has to maintain it. Apart from her regular exercise schedule, Alia also keeps a check on her food. For breakfast, she takes a poha or vegetables. Fruits or idli sambar for mid-morning, while dal, roti, and vegetables for lunch. For dinner, she takes either roti and vegetables, or dal and rice, with chicken.

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Deepika Padukone: Deepika is one of the fittest actors in the industry. We all know she loves playing and this is the reason for her fitness. But she follows a proper diet as per a report in Cosmo India. Deepika takes a couple of egg whites along with low-fat milk for breakfast. She prefers South Indian food for lunch and avoids fried and heavy food for dinner. Salads, nuts, fruits, and fresh juice are some of the other things she takes during the day.

Along with eating healthy, it is also important to go for walk and exercise. So, next time when you plan to go on diet, try these.