Father's Day 2017: From super strict to chill AF, gift ideas for all types of dads

Dads come in all shapes and sizes. This Father's day, give your dad the perfect gift he deserves according to his personality!

Father’s day is finally here and all of us know that dads are like Pokémons. They come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities– some are strict, some are chill, some are indifferent, some are funny while some are scary enough to make you pee your pants with just one look. No matter what the personality type, all dads deserve super awesome gifts on their day!

Are you running out of gifting ideas and are looking for the perfect present for your dad? Your search ends here. We’ve listed some gifts for all kinds of dads out there according to their personality type. Just pick out your dad’s personality type and present him the gift! Check ’em out right here:

1) Super strict dad

Strict Daddy wants to know where are you going, who are you going with, their name, age, address, gender, PAN number, ATM pin etc. Let’s face it, dads are little paranoid about everything. It’s not his fault though, he sees you tagging your friend in those Dhinchak Pooja memes, he knows you’re not okay in the head. Just get him a security camera and fit it outside the gate so that he knows whenever you leave and who is entering your haveli with you. Super strict dad can now sleep peacefully.

2) Chill AF dad

This dad is pretty much the ideal dad. You can discuss anything with him, chug beer and pull Hukkahs with him. Get him a hukkah just for the two of you and have some chill father daughter/son moments whilst throwing caution (or in this case, smoke) to the wind.


3) Comic relief dad

He’s the Homer Simpson of fatherhood. This dad cracks a lot of bad dad jokes which you endure oh so lovingly cuz pocket-money lol. There’s a simple fix- just get him a book of jokes. Sure, he’ll repeat the same joke 73 times but those bad dad jokes will be gone!


4) Where’s my whiskey dad

When your dad’s most frequently used word is a peg, you know what to gift him. Get your daddy the finest whiskey and chug those pegs!


5) The ‘I can’t cook’ dad

No dad, we’re not ordering pizza tonight. YOU’RE cooking because I got you this:


6) Social media dad

Get your tech savvy daddy a selfie expert so that the next time he posts a picture on Facebook it doesn’t look like he has 6 chins.


7) Frugal dad

Kanjoos dad? Get him nothing. Seriously, just give him a hug and tell him I bought nothing. See the tears of joy roll down his eyes.

8)The best friend dad

Remember that episode with Joey bought ugly friendship bracelets for Chandler? Do that. BFFs 4eva.


Happy Father’s day from Team InUth!