Satisfy your sweet tooth with Gur Ki Kheer

You just can't miss the yum flavour of Gur Ki Kheer

Kheer cooked with jaggery is one of the most important dishes of Chhath Puja. Also known as Raskheer, Gur Ki Kheer is not an easy dish to make. However, it tastes delicious and contains spellbound flavors. Unlike sugar kheer, this one needs a special attention. Not only we replace sugar with jaggery, but also kheer is much dry. Here’s an easy recipe:gur-ki-kheer-for-inuth


1 ltr milk
100 gr rice
Dry fruits
200g Jaggery

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    • Bring milk to boil
    • Add rice (soaked in water) to milk
    • Add dry fruits and bring to boil

Jaggery Syrup

  • While milk boils, prepare jaggery syrup
  • Bring water to boil and add jaggery
  • Now, cool down the milk and add Jaggery syrup to it
  • Garnish your kheer with dry fruits

Recipe and video credit: Potbelly
Chef: Pappu Shah