Hyderabad has a human Library where you can read living books

The idea behind the human library is to help people speak up about things they are not confident about.

Love reading books? You must have read a lot. But have you ever heard of Human Library? Well, there is a Human Library in Hyderabad, where people replace books.  The idea behind the library is to build a positive framework for conversations that can challenge stereotypes and prejudices through dialogue.

This is not a new concept. It was first started in Denmark in 2000. And at present, such libraries are currently active in over 60 countries. And now a mass media and communication graduate, Harshad Fad has started a similar concept in Hyderabad. With the aim to help people understand social barriers and appreciate others’, the library was started.

You can even borrow books from the library, but only if your living book is fine with it. At the human library, you can talk about your life, your issues, and even clear your doubts about various stereotypes. It is a place where you just have to talk, talk and talk. According to Harshad, this library is a place for people with questions. From one-on-one to group sessions, the library offers different types of services. The living books in this library are only the people who have experienced prejudice due to issues like sexual preference, sex, disability, age, class, religion/belief, and even daubts over aspects of who they are.

Well, I feel living books are the best thing in this world! Thanks Harshad, for such a lovely place.