Bharatanatyam In The Wild? How These Women Are Reclaiming Public Spaces Through Dance

3 young girls are trying to change the way women claim public spaces through their unusual campaign -- Bharatanatyam In The Wild


Aishwarya Kali, Priyanka Kali, and Swathi Gangadharan perform the Indian classical dance form of Bharatanatyam in places like metro stations, parks, markets, and railway platforms to spread the idea of free public places irrespective of gender.

‘Bharatanatyam in the Wild’ is about taking the classical dance to contemporary spaces making the art form more inclusive and give it more motivation to grow. But all of this is not easy as it sounds. The girls often have to deal with rude comments on their social media handles and in public. They are told that they are disrespecting the art by performing it without any aesthetics and traditional costumes. Yet, the girls are trying their best to make the people around them aware of their thought behind the campaign.

They are documenting their trysts with the dance in a docu-series called Bharatanatyam In The Wild, that you can see on their YouTube Channel. They are also using Facebook as a tool to spread the word about their powerful campaign.