You need to know: What a girl's makeup really means

You can tell a lot about a girl by looking at her makeup ’cause it pretty much describes the kind of person she is. Makeup is an important part of a girl’s daily routine and the way she decides to dress her face on a particular day is a straight indication of her mood that day.

Understanding a girl’s make up is a pretty complicated process.  While winged liners indicate she’s pretty much out to slay, a no makeup look could mean a lot of things.

So for all the clueless girls who have no idea what their makeup means, and all the gentlemen who want to delve into the world of understanding women, we’re here to make things easier for you. We will decode what a girl’s makeup really means. Ready? Here we go:

No makeup
No, I’m not a tomboy or ‘one of the guys’. I just didn’t want goop on my face today. I’m just chilling with my friends. I swear if you ask me ‘are you sick’ one more time I’ll punch your face in.

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Just Kajal
I don’t know shit about makeup but my mom gave me a Kajal pencil when I was 12 and I’ve been applying it ever since. I know I look ill if I don’t apply Kajal so, STFU.

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Winged eyeliner
I’m gonna be 5 hrs late to everything you invite me to. Always.

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A lot of contouring
I’m a pro at makeup. I know what I’m doing. Also, I love Kim Kardashian.

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Colourful eyes
I’m lively, fun and full of energy. I’m so fun. We should be friends. We should totally hang out. Let’s chill. Did I tell you how fun I am?

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I’m 12.

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Really strong eyebrows
I saw a Kylie Jenner picture once and I think I look exactly like her (she doesn’t though).

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Fake eyelashes
I took out time to glue things to my eyes, you better say nice things about my face.

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