This woman spent Rs 16 LAKH to look like Barbie. This is what she looks like!

How much have you ever spent on a Barbie? This woman spent LAKHS trying to look like her childhood idol Barbie. Check out what she looks like!

We’ve all grown up playing with Barbie dolls: Some of us would play with them, while some would just pop their heads out. No judgments there. But when was the last time you spent lakhs, about 16 lakhs to be precise, on a Barbie? If you’re shocked already, you’ll never believe what we’re about to tell you.

A middle-aged woman in London just took her Barbie obsession to the next level. This woman has gone all out and spent somewhere around Rs. 16,50,000 on her body and face to look like a Barbie. Yes, we’re a hundred percent not kidding! Rachel Evans, a 46 year-old single mom from London is obsessed with Barbies. She took her love to the next level by getting a string of procedures done on herself including cheek augmentation, nose jobs, contouring and a bunch of other plastic surgeries just to look like her childhood role model Barbie!

She also got waist reductions and breast augmentations done to get Barbie’s ‘frozen’ look! Creepy, right? This is just the beginning! Over the last 11 years, she has the CORNERS of her mouth turned up surgically to freeze a smile on her face (we’re pretty sure no one’s inviting her to funerals).

THIS is how she looks:

Rachel has said multiple times that she feels she is a Barbie. They’re the same person. She has drastically changed her Suburban mom look to a beach blonde Barbie doll over the years and is barely recognizable now! She even hits the gym 5 times a week to make sure she has the perfect Barbie body.

She has been on multiple TV shows and radio interviews for her Barbie obsession and looks, but most viewers still say that she looks nothing like Barbie! What do you think?