This lady gets paid to make UGLY tattoos on people. Best job ever?

Beautiful and aesthetic tattoos are so 2016. Here’s the latest fad- get crappy, poorly drawn, ugly tattoos. No seriously, all the cool kids are doing it. We’re sick of neat little tattoos perfectly drawn on people’s backs and wrists. Helena Fernandes is a lady who gets us! She runs her own tattoo studio where she inks people with the most unprofessionally drawn ugly tattoos you’ll ever see. It’s no secret that Helena can’t draw. It’s pretty clear she got straight Cs in arts.

This 26-year-old “artist” from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil went viral on Instagram from inking people with ugly tattoos, and people loved her poorly drawn ink. So much so that she has gained over 17,000 followers and her home/tattoo salon has a five-star rating. Her studio is called Malfeitona and she describes her tattooing style as tatuagens peba (literally translating to “trash tattoos”). Full points for honesty, zero for her drawing skills.

Take a look at some of her best/worst masterpieces and tell us if you’d get these inked on your skin:

Wait, I can totally draw these too, hold my beer.