People are wearing bizarre food accessories now and it'll make you go WTF

Can you imaging wear rice across your neck? Here's something that'll make you go WTF: People are now wearing realistic looking food accessories! See photos

We’re perennially perplexed with the kind of new fashion trends that keep cropping up. From glitter butts to stick on eyebrows to the penis eyeliner, we’ve seen them all. Recently, however, we’ve come across something which is hands down the weirdest fashion trend anybody has ever seen. Can you image wearing rice across your neck? Or lemons on your hair? Or worse- Omelet on your fingers? No, right? No one in their right mind would.

Here’s something that’ll make you go WTF: People have started wearing realistic looking food accessories. To our shock, they are high in demand in Japan. It’s not just cute creations like pancakes, cupcakes, fruits and donuts rings or earrings, but people are also looking for accessories like rice curry necklaces, omelet rings, and bacon earrings! What we’re wondering is where are people even going dressed up like that?

After going through all the pictures of these accessories we were really confused and kinda hungry, to be honest. But hey if nothing works out you can always use these to decorate your kitchen or go dressed as someone’s lunch for your Halloween party. Take a look at these bizarre trinkets for yourself and tell us if you’d ever buy something like this:

The lemon was weird enough, but they went a step ahead and added a Goddamn ant

When life gives you lemons, make earrings apparently

For the love of rice?

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Omleting you know, this is stupid

Buh-na-na hairclips because there’s a minion inside all of us

Don’t wear this in India. Just don’t. Please.

Earning bread and butter ain’t that hard apparently!

You probably don’t have any friends if you’re wearing this in public. Probably.

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Why wear a single food item on your ears when you can wear five. Genius.

Burgers? Burgers.

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Donut earrings. Homer Simpson approves

What do you think about these bizarre accessories? Tell us in the comments!

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