Men from all over the world reveal which nationalities have the prettiest women and India is not on the list!

Wanna know which nation has the sexiest women according to men all over the world? Let's look at the list:

Let’s get one thing straight: We’re all on a beautiful planet full of beautiful people and many songwriters have written about this at length. But when it comes to choosing which individuals are the most attractive, obviously an element of subjectivity comes into play. Needless to say, when The Richest magazine went out to ask a bunch of different men about which nationalities have the prettiest women, the answers were all over the place.

While India, Brazil and Germany couldn’t make it to the list, the winner won by a staggering 70% votes! Wanna know which nation has the sexiest women according to men all over the world? Let’s look at the list:

#10 – Italian

“Dark hair, light eyes and perfectly bodacious bodies” This is what men had to say when asked why they think Italian women are the prettiest ladies on the planet.

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#9-  Swedish

“Quintessential beautiful blonde babes” is the reason men cited when they explained why Swedish gals are the best.

#8- Japanese

“Cute and Kawaii big eyes, petite, feminine and they’re so adorable” is why men have put Japanese women on the 8th spot of the global ranking.

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#7 British

“It’s the accent, the class and the way they are that drives us crazy” was the verdict given by men who were totally in love with British gals.

#6 Bulgarian

“Confident, tall brunettes with sexy accents. What’s not to love?” said the boys.

#5 French

“French women have this aura of mystery around them- they’re free-spirited, ” said the men with a twinkle in their eyes.  Women can’t stop drooling over Frenchmen either, right ladies?

#4 Russian

“Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous bodies and that confidence!” said the boys as they went gaga over Russian belles.

#3 American

“They’re so diverse- all colours, sizes and accents- all of them are beautiful!” gushed the men. One word- Beyonce.

#2 Puerto Rican

“They are just raw and beautiful. Real gorgeous women. Look at Jlo!” said the boys and we couldn’t agree more.

#1 Columbian

“C’mon man, it’s the land of Shakira and Sofia Vergara!” said the men as they gave Columbian women the number one spot!

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