Makeup, no makeup: Society judges you by your appearance either way

How do boys look good without makeup? Because society hasn't told them they look bad without it.

Before we start talking about everything that’s wrong about judging anyone on the basis of their appearance, here’s something to think about: How do boys look good without makeup? Because society hasn’t told them they look bad without it.

‘Wearing makeup is a choice’ is the biggest illusion created by society. They say you can take this decision without overthinking it and while it seems like the decision is yours to make, it’s really society controlling your thoughts and subconscious mind. The amount of makeup on your face decides how vain or lazy you are! For most people, makeup is an art and is in no way a veil for their insecurities. We all know that makeup is an ancient cultural phenomenon as old as the Egyptian era or even stone age, so why are people so quick to judge a girl with a full face of makeup? After all, a face full of makeup and a painting on a canvas are pretty much similar with the only difference being that you can walk around with your canvas on your face and then wash it off to do something different tomorrow!

The fact that we have hashtags like #NoMakeupSelfie and #WokeUpLikeThis prove that people want to prove they don’t wear makeup, they’re flawless. But have you really ever seen these pictures? Not one of them is a full-bare-no-makeup face. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but why be ashamed of wearing makeup?

Here’s why: Society prefers ‘natural face’ and here’s their version of natural: clear skin, bright eyes, perfect glowy skin and all things perfect. You see, they want perfection, just without the winged liner, dark lipstick, highlight and contour. They want makeup, but they don’t want makeupEasy, right? People think that the default, natural look is one that involves lots of prep time, plenty of not-always-cheap makeup, and an unerring hand. It certainly sets an unrealistic standard of what “natural” is, whether you like makeup or not.

The conundrum: With makeup

Why do you always cake your face up with makeup? Is it because you’re not good looking? What is wrong with you? Why are you insecure? Be natural! Stop being so vain and self obsessed for God’s sake!

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The conundrum: Without makeup

Are you okay? You look sick. Were you crying? Did you not shower today? Why are you lazy? Put some color on your face for God’s sake! You’re so boring. Why can’t you be a little girly? Look like a girl for God’s sake!

Makeup is gendered too? Great.

As if girls being judged for both makeup and no makeup wasn’t enough, boys who are brave enough to pursue their love for makeup and colors are ridiculed and called drag queens. If girls can makeup to express themselves which is great to see, why don’t we give boys the same freedom? Boys can wear makeup too. Here, we’ll help you get over it:

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The conclusion? The bullying won’t stop. Be healthy and they’ll call you chubby, be skinny and they’ll remind you real men love curvy women. Have short hair and be ridiculed for have boy-ish hair, have long hair and be reminded to get a Goddamn hair cut every day. Wear makeup and you’re fake, don’t wear makeup and you’re lazy. For all of the women (and men) out there who choose to wear a lot of makeup or no makeup at all — whenever someone gives you unsolicited advice, just say “Who the hell asked you? I love my face.”

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