Indian vs American Beauty Standards: Here's how different the two are!

What "beautiful" means in India is very different than what Americans think is picture perfect. Here are the major differences:

Beauty is subjective, isn’t it? If you take a Europe trip you’ll see how Europeans love natural faces with soft features. But if you go to Africa you’ll see how drastically different the definition of beauty is- thicker bodies, bigger lips and longer necks!

While everyone on the planet is obsessed with a certain definition of beauty, what we see on TV and movies is a vague definition. The way different cultures define beauty across the globe couldn’t be any more different. In an effort to explain the major differences, a YouTuber called Kaur Beauty gave her face a makeover- one side defined what “beautiful” means in India, and one according to American standards.

Here are the major differences she found in their standards of beauty:


While ‘Fair is Lovely’ here in India, Americans love tanned, golden dewy skin!


Indians prefer natural looking brows that are a bit on the thinner side, while thicker, fuller brows are loved in the states.


Dramatic eyes, Kajal and almond-shaped eyes are loved in India. While Americans go easy on the eye makeup, they bronze and contour the crap outta their faces (think Kim Kardashian).

Facial structure:

Indians love soft, round and feminine features while Americans die for the chiseled, androgynous look.


Light, natural lips are incorporated in Indian beauty routine all over the country while Americans love over-lined, plump lips.

Check out the video right here and tell us what you think:

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