Facial is only for the face? Think again as 'vajacial' is the new trend in town

Do you think facial is only for your face? Not anymore, as a new beauty trend called vaginal facial or 'vajacial' has become the talk of the town

When it comes to women, the quest to attain the perfect skin (silky, smooth and young) will never grow old. While new beauty trends might come and go, facials will never go out of vogue. After all, there are so many types of facials available for the skin. To give you a fair idea– there are AHA facials for attaining anti-aging effects, there are bio-lift facials for treating dark circles, there are anti-oxidant and pollution fighting facials for deep-cleansing the skin and there are gold facials for removing toxins and wastes.

If that was an eye-opener enough to shock you, there are special facials that are targeted at specific body parts like butt facials, back facials, and even scalp facials. After giving nearly all your body a ‘face-lift’, it’s time that you shift your focus to another part of your body, which is located down under. Yes, we are talking about a facial for your vajayjay!

In case you are wondering, yes VAGINAL FACIAL or VAJICIAL is a real thing and it is meant to make your vagina shiny and new. For those of you who are still confused, vajicial is essentially a facial that is meant to tighten your vagina and treat dryness (don’t be shy now!).

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Pioneered by matchmaker mogul Lisa Palmer, who began the treatment when she realised ‘her downstairs was a bit wrinkly and dry compared to when she was young’, vajicial is a beauty trend that has taken the world by a storm.


Vagina (Photo: dreamstime)

So what happens in a vaginal facial?

Just like a regular facial (for your face), vajicial begins by cleaning down under and then steaming it for about 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can also put a hot towel on your vajayjay. Then all you need to do is apply a soothing mask, keep it for 15 minutes and remove it using a mix of rose water. Tada! It’s done.

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The best part about this facial is that you can make the mask at home. Heat and mix these ingredients in a bowl– a tablespoon of coconut oil, a tablespoon of vitamin E cream, a tablespoon of honey and an egg white. Ideally, vajicial should be done every day for a week before reducing the frequency. But God bless us and our busy lives!

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