Disha Patani's coloured armpit hair or Rakhi Sawant's rainbow coloured brows: Who looks weirder?


You’ve  seen a ton of articles on Bollywood celebs and their style but here’s the deal- Bollywood plays it very safe when it comes to fashion. Clean lines, mundane colours and the same old wear-what-is-in-vogue-right-now attitude. No Bollywood actor goes over the top to experiment with colors and styles. There’s no one who can match up to eccentric personalities and sport bizarre makeup or outfits like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Marilyn Manson or Katy Perry. They’re all too mellow. Bleh.

We’re here to put an end to that! Bollywood is known for being colorful, right? Then why shouldn’t our celebs be the same? We put our excellent photoshop skills to test and the results are absolutely beautiful. What’d we do? Oh, the usual. We gave our boring celebs rainbow armpit hair, pav bhaji necklaces, glitter bears and wait for it…glitter butts. Needless to say, they look 10x more crazy eccentric and way cooler than before. Heck, we wouldn’t even mind sitting through a mind-numbing 3 hr Karan Johar drama if they style themselves this way.

We know you can’t wait to see the masterpieces we’ve created and fall in love with these Bollywood actors. Without further ado, here are the pictures:

Deepika Padukone in BhajiPav Mastani:

Deepika Photshopped image for Inuth

Deepika Weird trend (Photo: Phtoshopped by Chetan Kamal)

It’s Rakhi Sawant gaiz. By the power of Jeejus, She’s slaying her rainbow coloured brows:

Rakhi Sawant Photshopped image for Inuth

Rakhi Sawant Weird trend (Photo: Phtoshopped by Chetan Kamal)

Prabhas with a savage glitter beard:

Prabhas Photshopped image for Inuth

Prabhas Weird trend (Photo: Phtoshopped by Chetan Kamal)

SRK with a beautiful rainbow colored mohawk:

Shah rukh khan Photshopped image for Inuth

Shah rukh khan Weird trend (Photo: Phtoshopped by Chetan Kamal)

John Abraham with, of course, a glitter butt:

John Photshopped image for Inuth

John Weird trend (Photo: Phtoshopped by Chetan Kamal)

Priyanka Chopra goes Hollywood with the Kylie Jenner lip challenge:

Priyanka Chopra Photshopped image for Inuth

Priyanka chopra Weird trend (Photo: Phtoshopped by Chetan Kamal)

Disha Patani sporting rainbow coloured armpit hair:

Disha Photshopped image for Inuth

Disha Patani Weird trend (Photo: Phtoshopped by Chetan Kamal)

Katrina Kaif looks as cute as a button with an omelette hairband:


Our makeovers just made you fall head-over-heels in love with your favorite Bollywood celebs all over again. You’re welcome!

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