9 hilarious beauty video fails that'll make you feel bad for laughing

Being pretty ain't easy!

‘Beauty gurus’ on YouTube are considered makeup Gods and are pretty much worshiped by their followers. Everyone wants to be them, but vanity comes with a price, doesn’t it? Beauty gurus are pretty much living the good life – they get paid a lot, have tons of fans and get high-end makeup products for free! Everyone wants to be an influencer but sometimes people mess up a little bit. Okay scratch that, they mess up a lot.  Here’s a bunch of people who could’ve been the next Huda Beauty or Nicki tutorials but they messed up their beauty tutorials real bad and ended up being viral videos on the internet instead (that’s a pretty sweet deal too though).

This article can pretty much moonlight as a ‘Try not to laugh’ challenge. Check out the hilarious makeup, hair and eyebrow fails but try not to laugh at them:

That dramatic fall though

Just wanted some bangs, bro

You gotta let it burn burn burn burn

F**k you, Chris

You know you’ve messed it up pretty bad when you look at your hair and laugh-cry

This is why kids are the best. They’ll screw things up and not give a flying f**k about it

Kylie Jenner lip challenge went wrong. Here’s a wake-up call: it never goes right. It’s not supposed to

I want more piercings, mom!

Hairline or parabola? You decide