7 facts about nose piercing no one tells you about!

No offence, but nose piercing doesn't look good on everybody and if you are planning to get it done then these 7 facts can save you from a lot of pain

Body piercing is an age-old tradition followed by people all around the world. While earlier, piercings hold a religious or cultural importance, it has now become a fashion trend. From ear, nose, belly and navel piercings to getting one on private parts, the body piercing trend has gone too far. Where ear piercings look beautiful, nose piercings give you a more elegant look. But there is a catch, while anyone can get their ears pierced without giving it a much thought, nose piercing requires a lot of thinking, as it doesn’t look good on everybody (no offence). In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that your nose piercing has the power to make you look fab or drab. And if you are planning to get your nose pierced, then these 7 facts can save you from a lot of pain:

It is really difficult to exfoliate your nose because if you press too hard you can end up hurting the inner wall.

In case you go for a nose ring then be prepared to be at war with the towel every single morning you wash your face. As the threads of the towel will get stuck to the ring.

Try not to take your ring out for a longer period as the piercing on your nose closes fast as compared to other body parts and it will be very difficult for you to go through all that pain again to put it back.

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Upper lips threading can give you a nightmare, if you know the pain of getting the thread stuck in the nose pin even for once.

Pinching one’s nose might be kosher at Rajasthani / Marwari weddings but can we NOT make it a thing among friends? It’s not cute and it’s definitely not pain-free.

If you’re tiny and you try to hug someone, and the person turns out to be rather enthusiastic, the nose pin invariably gets stuck in their clothing and, well, comes back to you with a ‘bit of them’ in it.

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Last, but not the least, if you suffer from cold very often, then nose piercing can become a problem for you. Because if you will try to wipe your nose with too much pressure you can end up hurting the inner wall.