4 Common skin care mistakes that are damaging our face

We all have been making some common skin care mistakes that are damaging our face. Here we have listed some for you. How many are you making?

The summers hit on hard every year. The mid-tone Indian skin finds it very difficult to cope with this rising temperature. And skin damages often leads to expert level advice from the parlour wali didis and pados wali aunties. But usually, nothing helps. Do you wanna know why? We all have been making some common mistakes that wreak havoc on our daily skin care. But you don’t have to worry about a thing now as we bring to you those mistakes that should be corrected for a lovely and glowing skin. And who doesn’t love that? So here we go!

Mistake: Not drinking enough water

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Drinking Water (Photo: Dreamstime)

Not drinking enough water leads to a dry and patchy skin. No matter how good skin care products one uses they never show their full effect thus damaging it even further more. So make sure that you do drink at least 2-3 litre of water daily to clear out all the impurities and bring out your natural glow.

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Mistake: Improper Diet

Skin Care, Skin Care problems

Eating Junk Food (Photo: Dreamstime)

We all love pizza, burger, wraps, and those spicy chaats and golgappas. Aren’t they mouth watering? But we often forget that it not only affects our health but also affects the health of our skin. So be very aware of what you eat as you may be unknowingly damaging your skin. Always remember to include something green on your plate as a healthy diet will definitely lead you to a healthier skin

Mistake: Use of chemical products

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Chemical Beauty Products (Photo: Dreamstime)

With lots of beauty companies in the market, it has become very easy to buy beauty products but one often does not realise that with all the chemicals being applied to your skin you are leading your skin towards its own damage. Always look for natural ingredients to keep it as fresh and healthy as possible. Try to use homemade beauty recipes to keep its natural freshness intact.

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Mistake: Makeup Removal

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Make Removal (Photo: Dreamstime)

Lovely dresses with glamorous makeup are not uncommon these days. Every girl desires to look pretty in her own fashion sense. But remember, never ever sleep with your makeup on. You must always remove your makeup before going to bed. During sleep the skin repairs and energises itself. The makeup still applied during sleep would keep the pores clogged thus not letting it re-energise after dealing the day’s pollution and heat.

So, next time you come across a skin issue remember to take care of these few little things. Remember a healthy body lies in a healthy skin. Till then take care!!

Article by guest writer: Saloni Gupta