From Swarovski bathtubs to Louis Vuitton carrier: 7 luxury products for your pets if you won a lottery

Wanna splurge on your puppy? Or are you just curious as to how extravagant can people really be? Here's a list of some ridiculously expensive products

Our pets are our best friends, aren’t they? We can go to any lengths to see their little tails wag (even though a stick would probably do the trick).  Your little furry friends make you happy with their cuddly faces and adorable antics, so it’s only fair that you do good care of them and keep em happy! Now we know that happiness doesn’t come with a price tag, but let’s accept it- you’d rather cry in a Ferrari than a Tata Nano!

Undoubtedly, you love luxury but have you ever thought about your pet? They crave for Louis Vuittons and Roberto Cavallis too, you know! Wanna splurge on your puppy? Or are you just plain curious about how extravagant can people really be? Whatever be the case, here’s a list of ridiculously expensive products for your pampered pets:

The Amour, Amour Dog Collar: Rs 6.7 crores

Yes, while most dog collars cost Rs 67, this one costs Rs 6.7 crores. This is the most expensive dog collar in the world and here’s what you get for 6.7 crores: A diamond-studded, 52-carat collar that has over 1,700 7-carat diamonds hand-set on  18-carat white gold and crocodile leather straps. Also, you get a very, very spoilt dog.

The Swarovski Crystal Dog Bath: Rs 4.5 lakhs

Why would your puppy bathe in a regular bath tub? The Swarovski Element bath tub by Catchpole & Rye costs somewhere around 4.5 lakhs and here’s why: Over 22,000 INDIVIDUALLY HAND SET Swarovski crystals. Lotta bling for a little puppy, right?


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Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier: Rs 37 lakhs

This is something Paris Hilton would carry her trembling little Chihuahua in. It has a breathable side mesh with roll-up flap. Also, it’s Louis Vuitton, so yeah. It’s 37 lakhs.

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Sexy Beast Dog Perfume – Rs 4200

It’s not dog perfume, it’s canine eau de parfum. Even though Rs 4,200 sounds like a steal when compared to the other things on the list, but would you really spend Rs 4,200 on a perfume for a dog? I mean, it’s still going to eat its own poop.

Louis XV Pet Pavilion – Rs 15 lakhs

Literally, just a Louis Vuitton doli made with French Rosewood and Mahogany.

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 Les Poochs Perfume: Rs 1.9 lakhs

The website describes it as “A diffusive unisex fragrance with top notes of Mandarin Blossom and Pink Grapefruit“. Here’s what it means: They’re selling fruity smelling water for  1.9 lakhs. Newsflash: Your puppy will still smell like a wet dog.

Roberto Cavalli Designer Dog trackpants: Rs 80,000

Roberto Cavalli is ready to sew clothes for your puppy. Yes, while you wear clothes from Fashion street in Bandra, your puppy can wear clothes made by Cavalli himself. All dresses are made from the finest fabrics to give your puppy the swag he needs.

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