7 bra hacks that every girl should know about

Bras are an important piece of clothing for women. But sometimes we encounter situations where a bra would just not cooperate. Here are some tips and tricks that will help

Bras are an essential piece of clothing for women. They not only keep the boobies in place but also make you look stylish. Most women would agree that they have a love-hate relationship with their bras. While we might crib and complain about it sometimes, we never step outside the house without it.

Bras are obviously important and they can also be a real pain to deal with at times (especially, if you are wearing a wired one!). From the straps that won’t stay at the right place to the new gown that doesn’t go with any of the bras that you have, to the deformed bras, most of us have encountered situations where the piece of clothing just wouldn’t cooperate.

So ladies, here are a couple of bra hacks that you need to know:

1) Use a bra-clip and save money

bra hacks

Bra Clip (Photo: Amazon Grab)

Let’s be honest about it, most women invest a decent sum in getting the right bra, which means spending anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 at least. And if you are buying a racerback bra, the prices can go way up. But you don’t need to spend a huge sum on a racerback bra, just get a bra clip. You can also use a paper clip instead.

2) Use a bra ball for washing

bra ball

Bra Ball (Photo: eBay grab)

Bras can easily get deformed when washed with other clothes in the washing machine. Go easy on your bra and get a bra ball for washing and let it dry in the air instead.

3) Use bra-strap pads


Bra Strap pads (Photo: ebay grab)

Bra straps can sometimes cause pain and irritation, especially in the region on top of your shoulder blade. Thanks to the bra-strap pads, you can bid adieu to the pain that comes when the straps dig in your shoulder.

4) Drying is important too


Bra (Photo: Dreamstime)

Ok, so you have washed your bra the right way but now comes the part when you dry it. And this can be a bit tricky. Do not hang them, else they will lose their shape. Just lay them flat and let them dry.

5) A bra that matches your dress


Lower your bra strap (Photo: Facebook/ Boux Avenue Malta)

You don’t need to get a special bra for a dress or a top with a low back. Just strip off the clasp off an old bra (or get a fresh pair of clasps) and sew them to an elastic band. Tada!

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6) Give your dress a makeover

bra hacks

Dress makeover (Photo: Facebook/ Curvy Bride Rock)

Want to make your backless dress look better? Just strip off the clasp from an old bra and sew the cups into your dress. It’s that simple!

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7) Sew a bra strap holder

Bra strap

Bra strap (Photo: Dreamstime)

One of the easiest ways to keep your bra straps from popping out is by sewing a tiny bra strap holder using a tich button.

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