7 tips that will help you get the job

Interviews can be tricky. From scheduling your interview on the right time to being polite, here's how you can crack any interview with ease

Interviews can be tricky. From getting the right attire to saying the correct things while responding the interviewer, every aspect of the process is crucial. For those of you who are unsure, the process begins at the time when you get a call from your potential employer for scheduling an interview.

From the day and time that you pick for your interview to how you sit while waiting in the lobby prior to your interview, everything gives out subtle signs about your personality that your potential employer notices. Therefore it is important that you play it smart all throughout. So, here are some quirky tips that will help you nail an interview with ease:

1) Stun them with stats
At a time when the time is money, stats are the key to impressing your potential employer. Know about your subject as much as you can. Numbers related to the work should be at your fingertips. This shows your interest towards your subject.

2) Research
Keeping up with day to day news about any company is a tough job. Luckily for us, we have Google to aid us. Turn on Google Alerts for the news pertaining to the compay you are planning to go and stay on top of the latest news about your company.

3) Sweep your social media accounts clean
Unlike earlier, everyone is present on social media these days. What you share on your social media account says a lot about your personality. Hiring managers often skim through your social media accounts before calling you for an interview. It’s a good idea to go through your social media account for any potential red flags.

4) Time it right
One of the most confusing questions that most people face is that of the time when they should schedule their interview. The best days are Tuesday and Thursday, while 10 am to 12 pm is the best time. The reason for this is simple. Most employees are gearing up for a week on Mondays and planning for a weekend on Fridays. Before lunch is the best time to meet people.

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5) Be nice to everyone
One of the smartest things that you can do is leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet the moment you set foot in the organisation. Say a polite hello to your potential colleagues and be friendly with the receptionist (not overfriendly).

6) Have hard copies in hand
While it is the digital age and everything happens over the internet on the emails, it’s a good practice to have hard copies of your resume in hand. In case your interviewer forgets to print a copy of your CV, you can pull out one from your folder.

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7) Arrive before time. Always
Try to reach the venue 10-15 minutes prior your time of interview. Start out early keeping in mind traffic conditions. Reaching before time also gives you time to assess the working conditions in the organisation.

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