Yogi Adityanath has coined a new word for Hindutva. Here's a complete guide to his private dictionary

In the past, UP CM Yogi Adityanath has alleged Mother Teresa to be a part of a conspiracy to Christianise India

He’s done it again! A day after blatantly declaring secularism as the ‘biggest lie’ since independence, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has come up with yet another bizarre definition that will blow your minds away.

Up until now, the word development has been equated with jargons like ‘infrastructural growth’ and ‘technological advancement’ but UP CM thinks otherwise. In fact, he believes that development is synonymous with ‘Hindutva’ (yeah, we were shocked too). As Adityanath continues to successfully demonstrate how ‘common sense is anything but common’, we have compiled a list of words that he has redefined.

1) Hindutva = Development
Yogi Adityanath before leaving for Ayodhya on November 14 to kick-off BJP’s campaign for state-wide civic polls told the media that Hindutva and development complement each other and those who oppose Hindutva are against the nation. Here’s what he said,

Hindutva and development are complementary to each other. Those who are opposing Hindutva are in fact opposing development and bhartiyata.

2) Secular = Lie
In yet another controversial statement, the UP CM called the word ‘secular’ the ‘biggest lie’ that was being told since India’s independence. He also said that the people who use this word should apologise to the people of the country. Here’s what he said,

I believe that the word ‘secular’ is the biggest lie since independence. The people who gave birth to this lie and those who use it should apologise to the people of this country.

3) Paki = Slur
Addressing a gathering in Raipur, Chattisgarh, on November 13, Yogi Adityanath said that word ‘Paki’ was used as an insult in Europe. Here’s what he said,

Paki has become a scornful word in Europe. The word Pakistan itself has become a synonym for abuse.

4) Shah Rukh Khan = Hafiz Saeed
The UP CM has been vocal about his hatred for the Muslim community. The political leader compared Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan with the Mumbai blasts mastermind Hafiz Saeed when the latter voiced his opinion about the growing intolerance in the country. Here’s what he said,

Shah Rukh Khan should remember that if a huge mass in society would boycott his films, he will also have to wander on streets like a normal Muslim….I am saying these people are speaking in a terrorist language. I think there is no difference between the language of Shah Rukh Khan and Hafiz Saeed.

5) No yoga = No India
Back in 2015, when the minority communities were protesting against the Yoga Day celebrations being made compulsory, Yogi Adityanath said that those who oppose yoga should leave the country. He also said that the people who oppose Surya Namaskar should drown themselves in the sea. Here’s what he said,

Lord Shankar was the biggest Yogi who started Yoga. Mahadev lives in every particle of this country. So those who want to avoid Yoga and Lord Shankar can leave Hindustan.

6) Women with men like qualities = Demons
Apart from the minorities, the UP CM has been vocal about sharing his deprecatory views about women. While talking about his views on women on his website, Yogi Adityanath compared women with ‘demons’. Here’s what he has written:

If men acquire women-like qualities, they become gods but when women acquire men like qualities, they become demon like.

7) Mother Teresa = Evangelist
The UP CM has not even spared Mother Teresa, who was given sainthood in September 2016. While addressing a gathering in UP last year, he said that the Nobel laureate was a part of a ‘conspiracy for Christianisation of India’. Here’s what he said,

Teresa was part of a conspiracy for Christianisation of India. Incidents of Christianisation had led to separatist movements in parts of North-East, including Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland.

8) Pakistan = Satan
Indo-Pak relations have always been on the rocks. But none of the countries has used such extremist remarks about each other. Talking about the relations between the two nations, the then Gorakhpur MP said that Pakistan would never change its policy of proxy war towards India. Here’s what he said,

Pathankot attack has once against proved that Satan could change for better but not Pakistan. The real government in Pakistan is of terrorists and ISI and not of public representatives.

9) Pakistan = White lie
The above-mentioned case is not the only time when Yogi Adityanath has graced us with his views about Pakistan. Back in 2010, he said that the nation was a ‘white lie’. Here’s what he said,

Pakistan is the biggest white lie of this earth… We cannot consider Pakistan real. When the nation isn’t real, how can the people from Pakistan be real?

10) Taj Mahal = Not Indian culture
Yogi Adityanath triggered a controversy in June this year when he said that gifting a replica of Taj Mahal was not a part of the Indian culture. Here’s what he said,

Pehle jab bharat ke rashtradhraksha baahar jaate the, wo koi aisi vastu le jaate the jise kaha jaata tha Bharat ka pratik hai, ya jab Bideshi rashtradyaksha Bharat aata tha to gift ke roop me Agra ka Taj Mahal or aisi koi minaar di jaati thi jo Bharat ki sanskriti se bilkul mel nahi khati.