#Yearender2017: 13 news stories that didn't deserve prime time focus

So. Not. News.

One thinks of watching the news as an activity exclusive to intellectuals, but lately, it seems the content broadcasted on news channels and websites caters to a more soap opera-ish audience. Not that there’s anything wrong with gossip, but who wants to listen to a bunch of adults chit-chatting about whether or not a 20-something cringe-pop star will make it into the Bigg Boss mansion or not?

It wasn’t until the question of the veracity of Kangana sending flirty emails to Hrithik that it became abundantly clear — we’re trading idle talk under the false label of news. Some news stories are so pointless, they make you wonder if following news is crippling your intellectual capacity.

Check out the video to find out 13 such news stories, which didn’t deserve to be the primetime focus (but sadly were).