Women, Want Equality? Wait For 99 Years

Want equality?
World Economic Forum’s annual Global Gender Report says you’ll need to wait for 99 years before global gender equality becomes a reality. But wait, there’s more!
It will take 257 years for men and women to have pay parity that is, equality in pay, the report said.
The report analysed 153 countries on four main themes economic participation, educational attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment.
Iceland was ranked ‘most gender-equal country’ for the 11th consecutive time. India has slipped four points to #112th this year. India also ranks below its neighbours China (106th), Sri Lanka (102nd), Nepal (101st), and Bangladesh (50th)

According to CNN, India is ranked 150th in the health and survival category due to ‘pervasive violence, forced marriage, and discrimination’.