Wine tasting to Mystery shopping, 7 SUPER COOL jobs in India you wish you had

From wine tasting to mystery shopping, here are the 7 most unconventional and coolest jobs in India you didn't even know exist

Be honest. How many of you have dreaded going to work early in the morning and analysing whether you really needed that job or not? You probably wanted to be a globe trotter, try out different cuisines, or even laze around. But reality struck and you realised that what you loved to may not pay your bills. What if we tell you that it just might.

Chances are that most Indian parents at some point in their life have asked their children to become doctors, engineers or get an MBA degree and get a “decent job”. Because how else will you get stability right? Seldom do people get to pursue what they love to do in their regular lives either due to parental pressure or even because they aren’t aware of the options they have.

Here are some of the coolest jobs that you can take up in India and in fact get paid for it.

Tea tasting

For all the tea lovers, happiness lies in a cup of tea. Some of them can’t even function without their mandatory Chai. It’s soothing and satisfying. Trying a new kind of tea is a whole new world for tea addicts. What if we tell you that you can get paid to taste varieties of tea. Yep, it is a thing. To be a tea taster you will have to analyse tea samples and will have to study the cultivation and manufacturing process too. You will also be required to have enough knowledge about the tea market.

Pet Grooming

Get paid to be around the furriest animals and give them a makeover? Things could not get better. If you are someone who is an animal lover and want to be around them all the time (Because, animals over humans. Always.) this is THE job for you. What is the qualification you need to be a pet groomer you ask? You HAVE to be an animal lover. You have to understand animal behaviour and learn the about animal skin disorders or other health conditions.

Mystery Shopping

Broke but want to shop. This is probably all of us. Shop till you drop and get paid to do so. Doesn’t that sound like the best job ever? Mystery shoppers are hired to visit a showroom, buy a product or service, ask questions, behave in a certain way, and then report their experience. And of course, get paid to do it. There are a lot of organisations in India that are looking for mystery shoppers. Go check them out now!

Video game testers

A gaming console and food. Best combination ever. All you have to do is play the game designed by the video game developers and review them. Basically, it helps the game developers to understand and come up with different ways it could be made better. Get a job in a Gaming company and live a chill, jolly life. You’re welcome.

Wine tasters

Raise a toast to a wine-tasting career! Ever thought you could be a paid wine taster? There are institutions that equip students with prior experience before they enter the industry. You will have to taste different kinds of wine and give your expert review. You could also learn to brew wine. No formal degree required. How amazing is this?

Food Chemist

What does a food flavorist do? Mix up different essentials and create a flavour. However, you can’t just add up any spices and make it taste good. You will have to have in-depth knowledge about chemicals and people from a Chemistry background may have an upper hand here. There are many institutions in the country and abroad that offering courses in this field. Indian Institute of Hospitality and Management, Mumbai is one of them.

Chocolate Tasting

Eat chocolates, candies and get money in return. Sounds unreal but it is actually a full-fledged profession that is slowly but steadily coming up in India.  Getting a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Technology or Applied Science may help you in becoming a Chocolate taster. You’ve got to have the necessary amount of knowledge regarding the flavour and texture of the chocolates. You can also be a chocolatier and create your own flavours. This is one yummylicious job.

You’re Welcome.