'Who Will Provide Them With Jobs?', Ask Delhi's Anti-CAA Protesters

Here's what the protesters had to say

As protests against CAA & NRC are being held all over the country, residents of Delhi also came out in large numbers to voice their dissent at India Gate on December 20.

Here’s what the protesters had to say:

“In India, there is this whole big talk of diversity and religious tolerance. But I don’t understand that the CAA mentions 4-5 communities and there is one community which is not mentioned at all. So what about those people? Aren’t you targetting them? If so, why?”

“The mistake that everybody makes is that we tend to look at things in isolation. Intelligence is the ability to identify patterns. If you look at what is happening over the last 6 years, I think the pattern is clear. One day they might say that it’s not going to harm somebody and next day they will go to some other rally and talk to people there and say that we are going to toss them out.”

“At the end of demonetisation, they said the same thing that we need not be worried about it. But over 100 people still lost their lives…A lot of people, when the NRC was implemented, committed suicide. So people are worried. All your policies are saying something and leaders something else.”