Where Are You Tintin? Indian Army Just Found 'Large Footprints Of Yeti'!

Remember Tintin In Tibet and the Belgian reporter’s brush with the Yeti?

Well, the Indian Army on Monday shared the pictures of ”large footprints of Yeti” that they “spotted” and Twitterati wondered whether it was cat walking or was it a nightwalker.

The official account of Indian Army tweeted that their mountain expedition team has found “Mysterious Footprints of mythical beast ‘Yeti’ measuring 32×15 inches.”

According to Indian Express, the legend of the Yeti, or ‘Abominable Snowman’, dates back to the 1920s. According to the fable, the ape-like creature roams in the Himalayan region but has never been spotted, and there is no evidence of it.

What more, the netizens left no time to show their amusement.

Many were surprised if the Yeti is single-footed because the image does not show the other pair of footprints, while others said that the ape-like figure must be cat walking with one foot just in front of the other.

Many drew references to Nightwalkers from the series ‘Game Of Thrones’, while some found a resemblance to Tintin comic

However, BJP MP Tarun Vijay had a request to the Army. Any guess?

Congratulating the army, he tweeted, “Please, you are Indian, don’t call Yeti as a beast. Show respect for them”