'When your crush comes to tie you Rakhi', Twitter's Raksha Bandhan jokes will make your day

Raksha Bandhan is upon us. While some of them are busy celebrating the occasion with their some have locked themselves in their house

If you are the only child in your family, you would probably never understand how annoying siblings can really get. They are the people who will break your toys, steal your clothes, drive you insane with their irritating habits. But they are the same people who would pick you when you fall, have your back when you feel the world is a gloomy place to live in and make crazy PJs to lift your spirits up. They are the enemies you can’t live without.

Every year, most sisters look forward to that one day when they have the opportunity to extort money and gifts from their beloved brothers. And why not, it’s payback time for all “Wait, till I tell mommy” threat. While a number of heartwarming and loving messages and photos are doing rounds on social media, there are some memes and jokes on Raksha Bandhan that will crack you up.

While some of them are making jokes on how they had a narrow escape from being someone’s Rakhi brother, some are rightly pointing the business Cadbury and Archies will be making today. Some terrified souls have probably locked themselves in their room and binge-watching TV shows. Of course, Jamie and Cersei jokes continue to dominate the Twitter space.

Here are some of the hilarious jokes and memes on Twitter on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan:








Happy Raksha Bandhan, you guys!