What is wrong in saying 'we'll mutilate Islamic Pakistan': asks RSS' Rakesh Sinha after Twitter allegedly suspended his account

Rakesh Sinha had Tweeted against Pakistan after reports surfaced that their troopers had mutilated the bodies of two Indian Indian soldiers.

Well-known Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue Rakesh Sinha, who is quite popular on Twitter and has more than 1.5 lakh following his verified account recently claimed that the micro-blogging site had suspended his account. He claims that the incident happened after he tweeted something against Pakistan following reports of mutilation of Indian soldiers. The tweet that led to the suspension of his account said: “We are not going to mutilate Pakistani soldiers but we will mutilate Islamic Pakistan.” According to Sinha, Twitter restored his account only after he wrote them a mail and rang up some of his contacts in Twitter. He was told that he had violated the rules of Twitter and was asked to refrain from making similar comments in future.

He went to town about the incident as soon as his Twitter account was restored and accused the forum of giving space to Left-liberals while censuring right-wing voices.

Inuth spoke to him on the issue and a range of other topics like Pakistan and India’s foreign policy. Here’s what he had to say:

1. What is your take on Twitter suspending your account?

  • This is incomprehensible. I have never used any foul language and mostly tweets are intended for dialogue. Twitter acted arbitrarily, may be under pressure of some elements and it is up to them to clarify. They told me I violated rules. And as evidence they produced my tweet which I tweeted after the mutilation of Indian soldiers, My tweet was “we are not going to mutilate Pakistan soldiers but we will mutilate Islamic Pakistan.” What is wrong in it? They threatened to permanently suspend my account if I don’t delete it. This is highly unethical, undemocratic and conspiratorial action.

2. What did you mean by ‘Islamic Pakistan’. Wasn’t that indirectly targeting Islam and its followers?

  • What is name of Pakistan? Islamic republic of Pakistan. What is wrong saying Islamic Pakistan. I can’t say same thing for Indonesia or Turkey. Pakistan is a theocratic state and also authoritarian. It needs undoing of theocracy, authoritarianism, militarism and mentality of war.

3. How do you differentiate between Pakistan and Islamic Pakistan?

  • Pakistan as Jinnah dreamt as a secular nation but his dream was unrealistic since he was the man who led direct action in 1946 killing of thousands of people just to fulfil his ambition of a separate nation. Pakistan became Islamic republic Pakistan. Hindus, Christians, Ahmedis are victim of a communal state . Is it untrue?

4. How do you intend to destroy Islamic Pakistan? What actions will you take to achieve your goal?

  • Restoration of secular tradition which has been integral part of undivided India, resurrection of human rights, restoration of minority’s rights, democratisation of governance, suppression of fundamentalists and finally independence of Baluchistan.

5. Do you believe in relating terror with religion?

  • The reality is terror has religious origin in contemporary world. If we will try to be hypocritical the problem would remain unaddressed. ISIS! Al Qaeda etc are soliciting support using religion. But that does not mean Islam or Muslims are responsible.

6. Demonetisation was introduced with the objective of eradicating Pakistani sponsored terrorism, however, the incidents in J&K has proved otherwise. Do you approve the stance of BJP government in this context?

  • Three months no stone pelting. This is a fact. It has definitely affected terrorist modules in India.

7. On one hand you intend to destroy “Islamic Pakistan”, Modi govt seems to be somewhat reluctant in taking a bold decision. Please comment

  • We are not in a medieval age that military option is used as tit for tat. This is the duty of the government to act very patiently and see all dimensions of actions. Because we have to fight against not merely a neighbour or a nation state but a rogue state and we all know China is also using Pakistan. We have to take decision not on the basis of what Beijing-Rawalpindi axis wants but according to our own planning, timing and above all long term interests. Public sentiment is completely against Pakistan and overwhelmingly for military action but this is. It sine qua. One while taking a step. But I can ensure Pakistan will face very rough weather and its Azadi of Baluchistan seems inevitable consequence of ongoing development. And world opinion is also against Pakistan. Let us wait.

Meanwhile, responding to the allegations of Sinha, Ian Plunkett, Head of Public Policy Communications wrote to InUth and stated, “We do not comment on individual accounts for privacy and security reasons. The account you mentioned is not suspended.”