What we know about Pakistani spy Mehmood Akhtar

A Pakistani spy Mehbood Akhtar was picked up for questioning by the Delhi Police today. He is 35 year old and was a staffer at Pakistani High Commissioin. He had to be let off after an hour of questioning because he has diplomatic immunity. He has been declared persona non grata.

Reports suggest that during the interrogation, he broke down and said his name was Mehbood Rajput. He apparently had an Indian Adhar card too.

He was a havaldar in Baloch regiment of Pakistan army and was later hired by the ISI. He was working in visa department in the High Commission.

In a press conference the Delhi Police said that Mehmood Akhtar was recruited in ISI about three years ago and posted at Pakistan High Commission two and a half years ago. The investigating authorities said that he was the kingpin of the espionage racket. He was in touch with two men from Rajasthan, who leaked sensitive documents to him. Maulana Ramzan and Subhash Jangir, had reportedly handed over sensitive defence-related documents to Akhtar. Defence deployment, BSF deployment maps, visa related documents were recovered from both of them.

After the incident Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit was summoned by the External Affairs Ministry. However, he has denied that his office indulged in any activity related to espionage.