We Spent A Day At Delhi's 'Selfie Bridge'

Delhi's Signature Bridge has notoriously become the city's favourite selfie spot.

Delhi recently got a brand new ‘tourist attraction’ after the iconic Signature Bridge was opened to public earlier this week. The 3.5 km long bridge which is 575 m high and is double the height of Qutub Minar, was built in 14 years. However, barely two weeks after its opening, the bridge has notoriously become the city’s favourite selfie spot.

Built with an aim to ease traffic between north and northeast Delhi, the Signature Bridge now has become a crowd puller. Commuters say that it has reduced their travelling time to a significant extent.

Since its opening, people turn up in large numbers to click photographs to witness Delhi’s architectural wonder. However, what has worried the authorities is the fact that it has also become a high-risk zone. Many visitors click dangerous selfies and thus put their lives at risk. Several instances of traffic violations have also been reported despite the bridge being a no-halt zone.

According to a report by The Indian Express, Delhi Traffic Police have deployed two cranes, two patrolling motorcycles and six traffic police personnel to tackle the menace. They prosecuted 53 people for improper parking, 24 for one-way violations, and towed away 27 vehicles in the last two days.