'We don't talk in Pahadi': 10 things you'll relate to if you are from Uttarakhand

We're Pahadis, not goddamn Polar bears. We feel cold if it's cold.

Being a Pahadi is a pretty sweet deal. Everyone loves your hometown and thinks you’re an exotic creature who landed in their city straight from the Himalayas (Yes, that’s how we’re born- We just emerge from the mountains). We’re proud of our beautiful homeland, which is undoubtedly a hub of natural beauty. It’s called Devbhumi  (“Land of the Gods”) for a reason!

If you’re living in the beautiful peaks of Kasardevi, or far away from home in Chennai, there are some things, words or phrases that every Pahadi on the planet can connect to.  Check out our list of super-relatable Pahadi things:

Being asked: Abey tujhe thodi thand lagti hogi tu toh pahad se aya hai

Let’s get this straight: We’re Pahadis, not goddamn Polar bears. We feel cold if it’s cold. In the interest of all Pahadis everywhere, please stop asking us to lend you our jackets. Thank you.


Love for Chai

Chai > People. Period.


Uttarakhand, NOT Uttaranchal 

Call Mumbai Bombay and shit hits the ceiling, call Uttarakhand Uttaranchal and no one bats an eyelid!

Bedu Pako

Bedu Pako is our kryptonite. You play that song, and all Pahadis near/surrounding you will dance/sing.

Being asked: There’s just villages in Uttarakhand, right?

As shocking as it may seem, a lot of people get confused when they hear Uttarakhand and have no idea where it is. All they know is Nainital and Mussourie. Get a geography textbook and stop wowing us with your intelligence skills please.


Pahadis don’t go “Sup dude” or “What’s happening bro”. Pahadis go “Kas haal chaal Daajyu”


Being pissed when asked to talk in ‘Pahadi’

Gujaratis talk in Gujarati, Punjabis talk in Punjabi. Pahadis do not communicate in Pahadi. We have 2 languages- Kumaoni and Garhwali.

Aalo ke ghutke

If you’ve never had a traditional ‘Aalo ke ghutke with raita dish’, are you really living?


Bal mithai

Bal Mithai is our version of dark chocolates!


Being asked: You’re a Pahadi? Get weed for me pls.

Here’s a myth buster: Not all Pahadis are drug peddlers. No, we can’t magically arrange hash for you whenever you want. Please stop.