Video: These Kolkata techies are educating India's most deprived tribe for free

But they need your help

Two Kolkata techies are on a mission to educate the children of one of India’s most deprived tribes.

Swarnabha Dey and Kaundinya Bose, both 24, have started a welfare trust to crowdfund its idea of establishing a residential school for the kids of Sabar tribe in Purulia district of West Bengal.

But, why Sabar tribe, you ask?

It is one of the most deprived and neglected Adivasi tribes of India, which has been living on the margins for centuries. During the British rule, the tribe was labelled as ‘born criminals’ who lived in miserable conditions without any proper facilities. Even though 70 years have passed since the Independence, the tribe’s fate has remained the same.

Dey and Bose learnt about their conditions during their visit to the region a few years back. When they returned, they wanted to do something for the lives of these tribals. It took them more than two years to plan, deliberate and frame a solution for the tribe’s deplorable condition. The answer was: education.

At this stage, the trust has acquired land for the proposed school. But it still needs a huge sum to start the construction of the school. Yet, they are hopeful to start the construction by next month. At least 25 school dropouts from the tribal village have been shortlisted for the first batch of the higher secondary school.