Video: Has India's engineering boom come to an end?

There was a time in India when every other student wanted to become an engineer. That might not be the same anymore. The engineering boom witnessed in India during late 90s and early 2000s seems to have come over but the educational institutes across the country are not keeping pace with the downward trend.

Every year, dozens of new technical education institutes have cropped up across the country irrespective of the students opting for engineering streams. In other words, unregulated approvals and alleged corruption, has ensured that there are way too many colleges for engineering students. The net result: ghost campuses and eventual devaluation of BE/BTech courses.

It comes at a time when engineering industry is already struggling in India. Last year, out of eight lakh undergraduates in India, only 40 percent got jobs.

Watch this explainer video to know why’s this happening.