Video: Delhi government is trying to fight air pollution with a gun!

Everyone agrees this is not a long-term solution

From Odd-Even to shutting down schools, Delhi government never surprises when it comes to battling air pollution.

Now, the government of NCT has decided to fight pollution with an anti-smog gun. On Wednesday, first trial of the atomised-water sprinkler was conducted in one of Delhi’s most polluted areas in Anand Vihar. Use of anti-smog guns is common around industrial areas and coal mines. China and Mexico have used them to bring down dust and levels of particulate matter.

But everyone, including the manufacturers of the machine, agrees that it’s not a long-term solution. It can help the government in bringing short-term relief when the situation of air quality is abysmal.

InUth followed the trial of an anti-smog gun in Anand Vihar on Wednesday.