UP Police Station Becomes Wedding Venue For Eloping Couple

Of all the places you can think of that could be turned into a wedding venue, does a police station ever come to mind? An Uttar Pradesh police station in Barabanki district became a wedding venue for a couple after cops decided to get them married.

The duo had eloped fearing that their parents would never agree to their marriage. Mohammadpur Khala police station hosted the wedding of Vinay Kumar and Neha Verma- who were reportedly in love and wanted to get married.

Two days after their disappearance, the worried families filed a missing complaint at Mohammadpur Khala police station. However, after investigation, police found that both of them are consenting adults, who want to live together.
Speaking to a news agency, Barabanki ASP Digambar Kushwaha said, “The boy and girl went missing for the past two days. Their parents had come to the police station to get the report registered. Police found out that they were adults and wanted to get married. The wedding was arranged with the consent of both the families.”