These Two Delhi Girls Are Leading The Menstrual Hygiene Brigade

Meet Tanvi Johri and Ananya Maskara -- the Delhi girls who are changing the way menstrual hygiene is perceived

The state of menstrual hygiene in India is deplorable. Only 42% women in the age-group 15-24 years have access to sanitary pads.  Despite such a low penetration, India generates 113,000 tonnes of menstrual waste every year which gets dumped in water-bodies, drains, landfills, and open fields– thereby polluting the environment. And now two Delhi girls have taken it upon themselves to change the menstrual hygiene in India.

Twenty six-year-old Tanvi Johri is the founder of Carmesi. Her company manufactures bio-degradable sanitary pads, which are delivered in a beautiful box with zip-lock pouches for disposing off the pads after use. Apart from this, the company also educates women about menstrual hygiene via their blogs.

On the other hand, 16-year-old Ananya Maskara is taking this discussion to underprivileged girls who aren’t as open about menstruation as much as her. She is working with a Delhi-based NGO Khushi to distribute bio-degradable sanitary pads to these underprivileged girls.