Twitterati say we can catch Nirav Modi at Navratri Celebrations in the US, we agree

Nirav Modi, a popular diamond trader, has been accused of a multi-crore banking fraud

Always rely on twitterati to tickle your funny bones or come up with epic and hilarious reactions even if the issue is of utmost seriousness. And the latest one being #NiravModi’s Rs 11,515 crore fraud with Punjab National Bank.

Modi, a popular diamond trader has been accused of a multi-crore rupee banking fraud and is reported to have fled the country. As soon as the news broke, Twitter went berserk and people gave ideas on how to catch him.

Even though people are losing their calm over the scam, it hasn’t stopped them from tweeting interesting reactions:

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But this advertisement by Siddharth Malhotra and Priyanka Chopra sums up all: