Today In Okay-Then: Two BJP MPs Seek The Cure For 'Selfie-tis' From The Govt

Since there’s a dearth of socially-relevant issues in UP and Bihar, two Bharatiya Janata Party MPs from the region have raised the issue of selfie- addiction and asked the government how it is planning to cure those afflicted with it.

Om Prakash Yadav (Siwan) and Harish Dwivedi (Basti) also questioned whether the government had statistics about the number of people affected by the problem in Bihar, and about those who’d approached therapists for help. In response, the Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare, Anupriya Patel said the the World Health Organization, under its International Classification of Diseases, has not recognised ‘selfie-tis’ as a disorder so far.

“The number of people reporting excessive use of selfie and those who have approached therapists to seek help for the same in the country is not maintained centrally,” she told the lower house.

Twitter, obviously, has not been able to keep calm since:

On a serious note, India reportedly accounts for a high number of “selfie deaths”. In 2015, India reported the highest number of “selfie deaths” in the world, recording 15 of 27 such incidents. A report in The Washington Post in October this year quoted a report from researchers from the AIIMS to claim that more than 250 people were victim of selfie deaths worldwide, with India contributing the most to the alarming statistics.