This NGO Sent Handwritten Notebooks To Kerala's Flood-Hit Kids

They have sent 12,000 handwritten notebooks to school kids.

When Kerala was recently hit by the devastating floods, hundreds of schools were destroyed. School kids lost their belongings including textbooks, notebooks and other study material. But this Kozhikode-based NGO didn’t want students’ schooling to be affected. They wanted to make up for the loss that the kids faced. And that’s when they came up with this novel idea.

Incubation, an NGO which works in the education sector provided handwritten notebooks to students through their initiative ‘Together We Can’. The idea came from kids when they visited a school kids in Mallapuram. The kid asked them to arrange handwritten notes and organise a collection drive.

The group then put up a post asking people to write students’ notebooks in the mid of August. To their surprise, people from all walks of life including students, housewives, techies and retired personnel volunteered for the cause. They later set up collection centres in all 14 districts receiving around 12,000 handwritten notebooks. The books were later handed over to the concerned district authorities.

“We gave a message to the society that people are here to love, care and support those who are affected by this natural calamity across the state,” Nabeel Mohammad, founder, Incubation told InUth. He puts the entire credit on the people from all walks of life who joined the cause to make this campaign a massive success.

But why were they persistent about handwritten notebooks? Sayyid Shaheer, Joint Director has the answer. ” Many people asked us why didn’t we send photocopies and pdf files which could have been a lot more easier. We told them that we wanted to give a personalised touch to the kids. It is our token of love and compassion towards them,” he said.