This Muslim Scholar Translated Ramayana To Urdu

An attempt to promote communal harmony!

In her bid to promote communal harmony & brotherhood in the society, a Muslim scholar from Uttar Pradesh translated Ramayana in Urdu. Dr Mahi Talat Siddiqui, a resident of Kanpur, recently completed translating the Hindu epic in Urdu. Mahi, who is a post-graduate in Hindi literature, wanted Muslims to know the goodness of Lord Ram. She studied 7 books on Ramayana by various Muslim scholars and it took her one and half years to write her translation. The book will be soon available in the market for sale.

Maintaining that her book is an attempt to neutralise communal hatred, she said, “No religious text supports violence, bloodshed, casteism or discrimination. These things aren’t mentioned anywhere. I have read Quran and I have read these texts. I believe this book will counter all the bad things that are destroying the society.”
This, however, isn’t the first such initiative. Nazneen Ansari, a Muslim woman from Varanasi has been working on an Urdu translation of  Tulsidas’ Ramcharitmanas since 2010.