This Guy Waited For His Dream Bike For 7 Years & Then Set It On Fire

He was frustrated, very frustrated

For Anwar Raj Guru, a resident of Sawantwadi in Maharashtra, owning a Royal Enfield was once his only dream. But on October 4, he set his motorcycle on fire. Why? Because it took him 7 years to lay his hands on it. Guru bought his dream motorcycle in 2009. However, it was impounded by the transport department over allegations of forged documents.

Seven years later, he was acquitted of all the charges.

But the delayed trial frustrated him so much that he ended up burning his motorcycle. Guru justified his act and said he did it to highlight ‘common man’s ordeal’.

“I wanted it to be symbolic. A common man’s ordeal. Initially, I parked the bike right in front of the court. But it was evening and there were some poi vendors and a crowd was buying the Goan bread. My intention was not to hurt anyone. I moved the bike a little ahead, but still across the court and set it ablaze,” he told The Indian Express.