This Child Stopping His Cop Father From Leaving For Duty Is Heartbreaking

A video shared on Twitter by Inspector General Arun Bothra has left Twitter teary-eyed.
The video shows a police officer’s child crying and latching to the father’s leg when he is leaving for duty. The father can be seen consoling the kid saying that he’ll be back soon but the child doesn’t budge and cries inconsolably.
Captioned as ‘Toughest part of police job’, Inspector Bothra further wrote in the post,  “Due to long and erratic duty hours most of the police officers have to face this situation.”

The 1.25 min video puts light again on 2015 Bureau of Police Research and Development Report, which showed that over 90% of cops work more than 8 hours
The video went viral with over 2 lakh views and many saluted the cop’s undeterred dedication for his work.