These Pencils Let You Plant A Tree & Remind You To Vote

The pencils have 10 varieties of seeds of flowering plants, or vegetables

What if pencils took care of your veggie intake? Farmcil’s eco-friendly plantable seed pencils with in-built seed capsules, make that possible.

So the pencil made from 100 per cent pure wood and has no chemicals in it and is non-toxic. We have not used any paint on it unlike other pencils and the lead in the pencil is made from graphite so there’s no toxic material in the pencil,” says co-founder S Ranjith Kumar.

The pencils have 10 varieties of seeds of flowering plants, or vegetables. They also carry a message for people
urging them to go out and vote. “Seeds which are fitted in the capsule are directly procured from farmers and there are not hybrid seeds. It is completely organic and it is free from any toxic substances and the packaging is also completely organic,” Ranjith says.

Founders S Ranjith Kumar and A Rajakamalesh launched the initiative in 2016.  He said, “The reason we decided to make eco-friendly pencils is to create awareness of planting among children. Children, nowadays, have no idea about nature so it is our job to arouse curiosity among children. We decided to do it through pencils because it is used for daily activities by children so it is an easy way to raise awareness about nature.”

These pencils are not just environment- friendly but are also doing their bit to raise voter awareness.