Students Find Innovative Ways To Cheat In Haryana Board Exams

In 2017, over 7,000 students were caught cheating in Haryana Board Exams

In 2015, the Haryana Board of School Education (HBSE) registered 1,076 cases of cheating in the first three days of the commencement of the Class X and Class XII board exams. The following year, the state board registered as many as 3,504 unfair means cases (UMC) in mere 20 days of the commencement of the exams.

In 2017, this number touched new heights as 7,159 students were caught using unfair means in Class 10 and Class 12 board exams. This included both, the main examinations held in March and the supplementary exams held in September.

Cheating, just like in Bihar, is a common incident in Haryana Board exams as well. From students appearing in the exams being handed over chits by friends to teachers reading out answers to students in the examination hall, when it comes to cheating in board exams in Haryana, nothing is truly impossible. However, until now, students have only used conventional means to cheat in the board examination.

But the modern technology has given new and innovative means to the students to cheat and the students appearing in Haryana Board exams are leaving no stone unturned to use this to their benefit. Check out some recent incidents:

Recently, the invigilators caught a Class 10 boy cheating in the board exams with the help of a mobile phone that was tucked inside his cardboard. According to a report by The Hindustan Times, the boy used his phone to ask for answers from his friends during his Social Science exam on Friday, March 16.

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The invigilators got suspicious when they saw that his cardboard was thicker than usual. On checking, the team of invigilators led by board secretary Dhirendra Khadgata found a mobile phone with a SIM card at an exam centre Rohtak’s Farmana village.

The Bluetooth connection
Sadly, this wasn’t the only ‘innovative case of cheating’ that the invigilators caught in the state in recent times. In Karnal, a Class 12 Sikh student was caught hiding a Bluetooth device inside his turban.

A report by the English daily suggests that while the invigilators were suspicious from the beginning, they refrained from making from making a move thinking that it could backfire becoming a religious issue.

However, towards the end of the exam when he tried to adjust the device to converse, the authorities caught him red-handed.

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So, what are the authorities doing?
The board is deploying more invigilators in areas that are knowing for mass cheating in boarding exams. It has also installed hidden live cameras in areas like Jhajjar to catch students who cheat in the exams. The board has also deployed more police near the exam centres to stop this malpractice.

So far, the board has caught nearly 452 students cheating in Class 10 and 12 board exams.