Should Arnab Goswami pay for his security bills? Markandey Katju answers

The Times Now Editor-in-chief has been given Y-security by the government

The government’s decision to provide Times Now’s Editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami with Y-security has got former Supreme Court judge Markandey Katju all worked up.

According to Justice Katju, the decision of the government to give security cover to Goswami is completely unjustified.  He also attacked Goswami calling him a: “joker who has nothing in his head except his arrogance”.

Apparently, Goswami, the anchor of the hugely popular news show, Newshour, had got threats from Pakistani terror organisations. Goswami, is among a the prime time anchors, who have taken been discussing and debating the issue of cross-border terrorism regularly on prime time.

(“Pakistan must be made to pay”, says Goswami on his show.)

This has irked some terror groups in Pakistan and thus the threat perception and the Y-security.

Y-security means at any given time around 20 guards will be protecting him. According to reports, Mumbai Police will now take care of Gowsami’s security.

However, social media’s cool grandpa made a very important point about the government’s decision to provide him security. This questioned the logic of the tax payer’s money going into paying for Goswami’s security bill.
He argues that when Goswami has a high-paying job, he must pay for his own security.

He also alleges that it is often the pro-government journalists who are rewarded with VIP security. “I believe some other media persons who, toe the govt. line have also been provided similar security by the Govt. Is this not deplorable ? Must the public for these hired ‘tattoos’ and buffoons?,” he says.Here’s the full text of Katju’s post:

Katju used to be seen on Newshour panels regularly. However, things turned sour between him and Goswami after the former called national iconNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose a “Japanese agent” and Mahatma Gandhi “a Briitish stooge”. Apparently, Goswami wanted Katju to apologise for making such comments on his show — something Katju refused to do. Since then he has never been on Times Now.

Watch this entertaining clip from Times Now, in which the two men take on each other, head on.

Goswami is not the only journalist to get security cover from the Government.  Zee News’s Sudhir Chaudhary (’X’ category), Samachar Plus’s Umesh Kumar (’Y’ category) and Ashwini Kumar Chopra (’Z Plus’ category) are availing such facilities.