Schrodinger's caste? 6 insane responses to the ongoing Bhima Koregaon protests

Here's what some of our privileged citizens have to say about Bhima Koregaon violence. Because being ignorant requires zero effort.

For Maharashtra, 2018 started on a sad note. As the violence of Pune’s Bhima Koregaon spread to entire Maharashtra, some privileged people from our country took to Twitter to express, wait, not their concern but their views on ‘bandh’ and caste, or rather, the ‘irrelevance’ of it. For the record, only those who have never been adversely affected by their caste identity, could ever be this ignorant.

From calling ‘the bandh a result of some jobless people coming on the streets and indulging in mischief’ to enlightening people about who the ‘real minority’ of the country are, their wisdom was the last thing we needed during such a volatile situation. And we are talking about none other than people like popular Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif and veteran actor and politician ‘Sir Paresh Rawal’.

Because living in denial of your upper caste privilege is the easiest thing to do. Here are six ridiculously insane responses to the Bhima Koregaon protests by some of our popular celebrities:

1. The gathering at Bhima Koregaon was to commemorate a 200-year old battle. Who are you calling jobless, sir?


2. A humble *reminder that your class often allows you privileges others do not have access to 

3. We are a dolphin when we meet our friends, a shark when we’re on Twitter. #SameLogic  

4. Move over ‘real desh-bhakt’, let’s talk about ‘real minority’ 


6.  Must be nice to be able to tweet such garbage without consequences. 

Because being inappropriate requires zero effort.