Save Water, Save Biryani: This Kolkata Restaurant's Quirky Poster Is A Head-Turner

Since most of you aren't bothered by the water crisis yet, perhaps this will make you sit up and do something?

Want to continue eating biryani? Save water, so that it can be cooked in the future too! Kolkata’s ‘’ restaurant’s unique appeal to its followers to save water is a head-turner.

This poster, that simply says ‘a plate of our finest well-cooked biryani’ with an image of uncooked rice, chicken, egg, potato (it’s Kolkata biryani, y’all) and masala present a stark imagery. One that’s likely to scare every biryani lover, even if headlines screaming about water crisis don’t.

Nor A Drop To Drink

Sounds ridiculous to you? It isn’t really if you think about the rapidly depleting groundwater across the country.

As per Niti Aayog’s latest report, an alarming 600 million people in India are currently facing acute shortage of water.  With global warming getting worse every year and temperatures soaring across the country, the situation is not likely to get better without drastic lifestyle changes and conservation efforts by the people. As per IndiaSpend, 72% districts in Maharashtra, 80% in Karnataka are facing drought and crop failure. Rajasthan on its way to it while Tamil Nadu struggles to cope with Chennai hit the hardest after its water bodies dried up. Reports warn that 21 cities may run out of water by 2020.

With monsoons delayed again, unless the government and the citizens undertake active measures to check depletion, soon, most of us won’t have access to drinking water.