From Cigarette Butts To Beautiful Cushions

Every year, more than 100 billion cigarette butts are littered in India. Have you ever wondered what happens to cigarette waste?

Do you know this waste, if recycled properly, can be used to make stuff like cushions, key chains, pillows and compost powder? The waste can yield thousands of rupees in return. And all this while saving the environment.

This is what exactly two Noida-based youngsters – Naman Gupta & Vishal Kanet – are doing. CODE Enterprises LLP is an innovative cigarette waste recycling outlet which started its operations in 2016.

Every month, the start up gets 400-500 kgs of cigarette butts from across India for recycling. The entire process, from a collector of cigarette butts to the contractors delivering the raw material to their office in Noida, is monetized.